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Top 10 Research Paper Topics

Finding a topic for your research paper can be a challenge since there are so many topics to choose from. Most often, you want to choose a topic you can easily write about, research and have an interest in. While some may see such assignments as lengthy and boring, they help improve personal writing skills while exercising critical thinking concepts. Many may find it easier to select a topic if it is something commonly written about or a subject in which you have personal knowledge with. The following topics are common research paper topic suggestions students often consider writing about.

  1. Freedom of speech. Many people enjoy writing in blogs, sharing person feelings through protests and social networking sites. Yet, certain groups of people have been to censor messages that try to gain attention by the masses.
  2. Religion and God existence. For years, people continue to question whether or not, does God exist? There are other issues as well regarding worship practices of certain religions and whether or not a religion should even be acknowledged.
  3. Animal rights. Animal lovers continue to present a long list of reasons for why animals should not be used for product testing. Yet, why are animals used to test products and is it really safe?
  4. Gay rights. Many people oppose or simply do not believe to people of the same sex should be together. Yet, there are gay couples continuing to fight for equality in different areas of society. Should gay couples be entitled to the same benefits as a married man and woman?
  5. Healthcare. Some areas of the world have limited resources for its citizens, while others complain there is not enough health coverage being offered.
  6. Children and internet usage. There are a variety of learning sources for kids to use on the internet but what about parental controls, child porn and other online threats that pose serious concerns for safety of children?
  7. Gun control. Are laws good enough that are in place or should guns be banned all together?
  8. Legalizing marijuana use. So many people smuggle the drug illegally across country borders, people suggest it should be legalize. Plus, it has medical purposes some find controversial.
  9. Media. Many find it offensive or downright distasteful the way the media reports on certain topics. When a tragic event happens it can be difficult for children and adults to watch it unfold live.
  10. Recycling and the environment. Does it really help or hurt our communities?