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Brainstorming topics for persuasive essays

Essay writing should be approached with as much care as one approaches any other type of writing. Some might think it more informal and easier to do but that is most of the time not the case. When writing essays, one should consider the topic they are writing about, the intended point of view to be put across and the audience.

There are many types of essays, and argumentative essays are perhaps the most common. They make a lasting impression because the writer not only presents facts but argues them out, such that they give the reader reasons why their point of view is the right one. In most cases, the writer is given a topic to argue on, but in some cases, the instructors will want to test the argument regardless of the topic. They will want to see how well the writer manipulates language to put across their points. In cases like this, the writer has to choose a topic for themselves.

Choosing a topic when one is not provided can be tedious, but when approached carefully, such a clean slate can actually be used to the advantage of the writer. It is a chance to steer the essay to a direction they are most comfortable with. Here are some tips to follow when brainstorming a topic on persuasive writing.

  • Consider a topic you are familiar with: A clean slate when it comes to topic selection gives one a chance to put their best foot forward. Choosing a topic one is familiar with means the writer has an advantage because they will be in familiar territory. It is easier to argue points about something one is familiar with and believes in, than it is on a topic that is completely new. It might seem cliché, but this point should be taken seriously.
  • Choose a current topic: This point is somewhat similar to the one mentioned above but it is more in consideration of the audience than the writer. A topic that is current or one that is in the news often and affects a large number of people will most likely attract the attention of the audience more than an old topic would.
  • Consider the audience: Knowing the person or people at the receiving end of the argumentative essay also helps when choosing the topic. Knowing their limits, what they consider controversial and what they see as offensive will help when choosing the topic.

The choice of topic should be the one that will attract the attention of the audience, and the one that will bring the most out of the writer.

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