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10 Interesting Topics for a Compare and Contrast Paper

When you are writing a compare and contrast paper you want to discuss similarities and differences in your objects. You can select the topic and then find the comparison and the contrast. Consider using one of the topics below for an interesting paper.


  • Compare two of Shakespeare’s characters –Macbeth and Hamlet or Romero and Juliet will make for an interesting paper
  • Compare the two theories on how man first arrived in the Americas-make sure to write about the natural land bridge and the coastal theories and support the theories with facts
  • Investigate and write about whether global warming is really occurring and the suggested reasons if it is
  • Discuss and compare/contrast the advantages and disadvantages of technology such as an app or a new device on the market
  • With so many world events happening, pick a current event such as ISIS or Putin and Russia/Ukraine and compare it to a event from the past that is similar in actions or incidents
  • Pick two inventions that have changed the world as we know it and compare and contrast them
  • Compare and contrast as to whether college athletes should be paid to play sports in college
  • Consider comparing and contrasting two methods of research in the filed of quantum theory
  • Take an extreme sport such as wrestling or hang-gliding and compare and contrast it to a refined sport such as ballet or gymnastics
  • Compare and contrast two famous athletes in the same field such as Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier (boxing), Kobe Bryant and LeBron James (basketball) or Eli Manning and Tom Brady (football)

Comparison and contrast essays can be fun if you choose a field, a person, or a subject that you are interested in for your essay topic. Try to find a unique approach and compare and contrast unusual characteristics of your selected topic. Make sure you have support and details for your theories and ideas while you compare and you contrast in your essay. If you cannot find a topic that you like, consider using one of these topics as your title or using one of these topics to inspire you to find a title that you like. You can use a topic that is similar to one of these listed topics. Picking a title and topic for your essay that you like is the first step to writing a successful and excellent comparison and contrast paper.