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How to choose topics for informative essays

Look for these factors when choosing a topic:

  •  Interest factor
  •  Length factor
  •  Content factor

Interest factor

  When looking for a topic for your informative essay you have to factor in the interest rate. Your topic should be something you are interested in, so as to make it less difficult for you to write about it, but the topic should also be something that is going to appeal to other people. You want your essay to be of interest to people so that when they read it or hear it they will pay attention, not gloss over it in boredom. Do not choose a topic simply for the interest of others though, you have to have an interest in it as well or else you are not going to put your heart in it when you sit down to start writing. Should you find your interest dwindling in the middle of writing your essay do not take this as a sign that you need a new topic. Try going on a walk or playing a game of Frisbee with your friends, then come back to your essay and see if your interest is sparked again.

Length factor

  Informative essays are usually required to be a specific length. When searching for your topic you should think about the length that your essay has to be. Is the topic that you are thinking of using going to provide enough to talk about for the length of your essay? To determine this you could write an outline of what your essay is going to be composed of, marking down paragraphs of what you are going to talk about will then let you see if your topic will provide enough information to fulfill the length requirement.

Content factor

 The content of your topic is an important thing to think about. It is one thing to latch onto a catchy topic that grabs your interest, but quite another to actually start writing about the topic. It is quite possible that once you sit down to write you find that putting content to your essay is more difficult than you thought, and the topic really does not work. So when you find a topic that interests you ask yourself this question: how am I going to write about this? Trying to answer this question will help you in deciding whether or not the topic you have chosen will work for your informative essay.

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