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The Eames House

The Eames House is also known as the Case Study House number eight, which is a landmark of the 20th century, symbolizing the advancement in modern architecture. It forms one of the two dozen homes constructed as part of The Case Study House Program. The construction began in the mid-1940s and extended to early 1960s. John Entenza was the man who headed the program famous for publishing Arts and Architecture magazine. The magazine offered a clear insight on how the client offered homes that were designed to express the man’s life in the current modern world. This is a challenge to the current architectural community. However, the structure has offered a new touch to the world of architecture and design.

The constructed homes were furnished through the use of materials and also different techniques that were acquired from the Second World War. Through a detailed consideration on the clients housing needs, the houses offered hypothetically based images that reflected the real needs of the clients. Such notions can be reflected on one of the constructions that were made by Charles and Ray on a home that was designed for married couples interested in graphic arts and design. They laid out unique specifications and needs of their clients with a structure that suits their respective specifications.

The initial Eames’s home can be traced as the Bridge House that was originally developed back in 1945 which was made by Charles Eames and Eeron Saarinen. The design was also featured in December 1945 issue magazine with the war delaying the arrival of steel up to 1948 . The delay was also worsened by the fact that the two designers, Charles and Ray had already “fallen in love with meadow” hence venturing into new and different solution. To come up with a better decision, the two designers had a challenge on whether to destroy the meadow and also maximizing volumes from the minimal materials.

In conclusion, The Eames House incorporates real life issues and architectural world. The construction of the house offers an iconographic structure that has attracted large number of people. This is based on the appeal and the charm that the House offers as it tries to explain architectural pattern. The Eames House is considered the most modern way to provide solutions to the ever growing demand for urban housing.

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