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Academic Writing Tips: Checking Papers for Plagiarism

One of the tips for academic writing is checking for plagiarism.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is embezzling other’s work and stating that this is his or her personal consideration. Replicating someone else’s thought and by making a small alteration pretending that it is done by him.

For example, if you have chosen a topic of your study. By internet surfing you come to know that there is a complete file present on a website exactly of your topic, and then you will copy it, change a few words sometimes not even you change and submit it by your name.

Here are various strategies to evade or minimize plagiarism in your own work:

Steps to minimize and eliminate plagiarism in your papers:

Plagiarism can be minimized and even finished by following these steps:

  • Rephrase:
  • If a student finds a paragraph or work exactly related to his research topic, he should write the idea in his own words. He has to change all the words. If he does not change two words within a sentence his work would be considered as plagiarized.

  • Work citations:
  • In this step a student has to take advantage of MLA, APA or Chicago style of referencing work. By using these formats one can easily write down the references of work he has added to his paper. It requires writing writer’s name, publishing company or organization and the date of publication.

  • Quoting someone’s idea or work:
  • The other way to add related idea in your research paper is to write down exact wording in inverted commas and after closing inverted commas write down the reference or just name of that person whose idea you have written within small brackets. It should be completed correctly to eliminate plagiarism.

  • Quotes citation:
  • Citation of quotes is very dissimilar from quoting. It requires writing down the page number on which the quote is written along with author’s name.

  • Refer your own writings:
  • It is also considered as plagiarism if you write down your own idea twice. Means if you have written a paragraph previous to this paper and you are writing it again in this paper you have to cite it by your name.

  • At the end of page references should be written:
  • Of all the data and material you have gathered from books, library or internet you have to give references by using referencing styles.

Many online sites are also available work checking the remaining plagiarism. These are the tips which should be followed by a student. After it plagiarism can be checked by software available on internet.

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