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Interesting Essay Topics

When writing an essay you want to be sure to select an interesting essay topic. The essay topic can captivate your readers, and hold their attentions. You do not want to select a topic that is tired or overdone. By selecting a robust topic, you set yourself up to find scholarly sources, to make a strong point, and to hold the attentions’ of your audience, most importantly your teacher. We have outlined some interesting essay topics in various subjects below. Use these topics to get your creative juices flowing:


  • The Next World War: It is said that a major war happens about every 50 years. Many people believe the current conflicts at hand to be the major war of our time. What does history and research show? Is this our major war or do we still have a major war, on the home front, to come?
  • Does History Really Repeat?: We believe history repeats itself, but why is this? What are some examples of history repeating we see in history? Draw comparisons between historical events and make a compelling argument for the cycle of history.
  • Roman Catholic Pope Leadership: How have different Popes shaped the Roman Catholic Church?


  • Going Green: What are some of the modern efforts made toward going green? What kind of research has been conducted to show its quantifiable benefits? Make an argument for the importance of going green and discuss some of the modern methods of bettering our environment.
  • Global Warming: What does the most current research say about global warming? Why do some people believe this to be a mythical concern? How can we make a difference?
  • Electric Cars: What is the technology behind entirely electric cars? How do they differ from hybrid vehicles.

Language Arts

  • Symbolism of Color in Writing: Many elements of writing have great symbolic meaning. Explore colors in literature, and the possible purposes authors’ may have had when including this literary device.
  • Post Modern Artists: What does art in the technological age look like? How do artists use modern media to create works? Does this make the art any less valuable then art of earlier centuries?
  • Penmanship: A Dying Art: Penmanship is practiced less and less, and barely emphasized in school. Is it a dying art? What methods can be taken to fight back?


  • Use of Math in Automotives: What are the physics of driving a car? How does math come into play? Explore the aerodynamics and number crunching behind some of the fastest vehicles we know.