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Essay Writing Guide: Basics

Essay writing is a difficult and tiring task for the people who do not practice it. An essay may have different aims and objectives but the format or the pattern it uses is the same. Everyone has to follow that pattern while writing an essay. Because such formats are universally accepted so you have to follow the same otherwise it may be rejected. Here are some basics for writing the essay. If you follow the basic pattern of the essay then you do not need to effort more because the essay is written itself you just have to put your plans and suggestions.

Basics for writing an essay:

The basics for essay writing are written as follows.

Choose the topic of your essay:

First and the basic tip for writing an essay are to write down the title of the essay on the top of the page. You must be very clear about the topic. The topic should not be so lengthy.

Make an outline of the essay:

After choosing the topic or title of the essay you need to brainstorm and make an outline of the essay. What will you add give a headline of that? Make an outline of only one page or too. Do not write the details but just give an idea.

Start writing the subject matter of your essay:

After making outline of the essay now it is the time to start writing your essay. Write down the subject matter of the essay in a line or two.

Write down the body of the essay:

After writing the introduction you have to write the body of the essay with in more than one paragraph. Do not repeat your writing sentences in the different paragraphs. Each paragraph should consist of single information and then examples and references of that information and then the conclusion. Start the next paragraph with anew sentence and information. And end it with a conclusion.

Write down the introduction or background of your essay:

Then write the introduction and background of the essay. Put questions in the introduction. Write down the history of the topic as well.

Write down the conclusion of your essay:

After giving all the information about the topic in the form of title, body, introduction and background now write down the conclusion and results of your essay. Write down the main idea or main product that you have got from writing the essay.