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How to begin and end your Essay: Tips and Tricks

Essay writing is an intelligent and creative job along with knowledge and other important factors. Every part of the essay should be well formulated but two things which count the most and which form major impression of your essay are its beginning and ends. The importance of these two can be best exemplified by two proverbs; first impression is the last impression, and all is well that ends well. So, beginning of an essay is your first impression while a good ending will determine the overall perfection of the essay. There are some tips from the essay editing service online for making your essay perfect by giving it best beginning and end.

State your thesis

Think and contemplate about the main statement or argument of your essay. Write it down in the beginning. That will set the whole stage for you to discuss, argue, and prove. Thesis should be brief and direct. It also gives impression of your decisiveness and determination.

Pose question

You can pose a question relevant to the subject and then give the answer. This will make your way of writing and narrating more interest provoking.

Interesting fact

You can also give some interesting fact in the beginning which will enhance the interest of reader in your topic or essay. It also reflects that your essay is more knowledgeable and you do not beat around the bush.

Be specific

General things bore people. You must give specific and interesting arguments so that attention of audience does not get diverted at any point, especially in the beginning because once you have got attention, it is easy to retain it than gradually developing it over the course of writing it. If you do not get attention in beginning, many people will not even continue.

Ending an essay

When writing down the ending, you must think of the purpose of this ending. An ending must be such that it can:

Tie things up

The ending works more like a summary which brings together all things in a shorter version and a concluding way. So, it summarizes the whole discussion and makes it brief for audiences.


It will not be wrong if we call ending of an essay a derivative of the whole essay.

So you must be very clear about the whole idea of essay and be able to present it in a concise form so that reader gets the idea of whole essay from the ending.