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Health Care Crisis

Most develop nation have universal health coverage. Why doesn’t the U.S., the wealthiest nation, have it?

Health crisis is a complex health system that affects the life of people in different locality around the world. Health issues have been a major concern for developed and developing nations over the years, many developed nation have employed different universal health care coverage system to fight against health crisis. For example the National Health Service (NHS) in England, the Universal Medicare in Canada etc., the question is why the US, a wealthy nation doesn’t, provides Universal health care coverage for it citizen?. The next few paragraphs will give a probable answer to the above question.

First, a probable reason is weak labor/power resources in the US. This reason attributes the failure to establish Universal health care coverage in the US to lack of a working class movement and labor based political party. Most developed nation has a strong base working class movement as well as labor based political party that help checkmate the various activities of the government. The United State is lacking the presence of a labor force, which could have been able to force government into providing universal health coverage.

Another probable reason for lack of health care coverage in the US is the political policy legacies and political institutions. According to reports, the major obstacle to health care reforms in the US is the diffusion of political authority. The division of power among the organs of government at national level, with each organ possessing independent authority, responsibilities and bases of support. This power division has left the political system vulnerable to influence from outside organization. Therefor the universal health care policy always faces obstacles from organization that will not benefit from such development.

Finally, another probable reason for lack of health coverage in the US is the involvement of a private insurance company in the country health care system. These private insurance companies are often time profit conscious and as such fend off any move by the government to establish universal health care coverage. The insurance companies capitalize on the vulnerability in the US government and ensure that no universal health care coverage system is established.

Conclusively, the problems obstructing the establishment of universal health care system in the US, lies in the unstable policy of the US government, the influence of profit making organization and the lack of labor force in the state. Hence the rise in healthcare crisis.