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How much you should pay for essays?

Buying an essay? How does pricing work?

If you’re thinking about ordering a custom essay or term paper online, you should know a thing or two about how the pricing system works. There are many ways to buy papers off the web: you can buy a pre-written essay for a fixed, relatively low fee, or you can hire a freelancer to write a new piece for an hourly or word count based rate. In addition, you can sometimes negotiate with essay writers for a flat fee, which is typically based on the size and scope of the task at hand. The price you arrive at may vary widely as a result of these many disparate methods.

How much is too much?

Only you can determine what your budget is. You should have a rough estimate of how much you are willing to pay before you seek out writing help and try to negotiate fees. However, you should also approach the process with an open mind. Consider the value of what you are buying. And before you determine what a fair rate is, ask yourself the following questions:

How long is the assignment?

Are you writing a brief, one or two page response essay? Or are you trying to purchase a massive term paper? The price of an essay sold online varies a great deal, because the size and scope of paper assignments themselves are so varied. Short papers are relatively inexpensive, particularly if they do not require the writer to conduct a lot of research and insert citations and figures. Long research papers such as theses, dissertations, and term papers are much more expensive, and can easily cost hundreds of dollars to order.

What is your time frame?

Are you looking ahead to a paper that isn’t due for another month? Or do you desperately need a draft by the end of the week? Even worse, do you need a paper within twenty four hours? No matter your time frame, there is a writer who can help you finish your paper. But the closer your deadline, the more you should expect to pay. If you’re asking a writer to pull an all nighter so you don’t have to, you should reward them generously for the trouble and hard work.

What are your expectations?

The higher your standards, the more pricey your writer will be. If you are trying to finish your thesis or dissertation, and your paper needs to pass the scrutiny of a committee, it’s probably worth it to spring for costly, high quality writing. Ask yourself what your standards are, and budget accordingly.

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