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Providing Analysis in an Essay

While writing an essay a student follows a pattern that is accepted universally. The essay is not written without a pattern. As the essay contains research process while choosing the topic, the analysis is done at the same time. The steps of the essay before writing it properly on a paper involves a research segment too. Before writing the final topic on the paper you have to read a lot of research articles written by other and when you become able of choosing the topic the next step is to finding out the data regarding that topic. After you have selected the topic you go through the newspaper articles, the web search and the library books. You find out the material on the selected topic by different sites. You study deeply the arguments or the statements written by other seniors. When you study deeply you start analyzing the statements. This is the analysis that you provide in your essay. You do not give analysis of your own writing rather you give the analysis of the arguments of the people who have already written about your topic.

How analysis is provided in your essay:

This is the probable question that can be put by someone while reading this article. The answer is as follows:

An argument consists of two parts basically:

  1. The allege or claim of the statement.
  2. The cause for the claim of the statement.
  1. The allege or claim of the statement:
  2. The first part of an argument or statement is the claim of the statement which means that someone who has written about your topic. He has given a statement about the topic. That does not mean that he has given the statement in the air. There would be some cause behind the written statement. To give statement is the task of the already present literature about your topic.

  3. The cause for the claim of the statement:
  4. Now it is the task of the writer of the essay or researcher to write down the logics and reasons for the statement that has given in the literature. This is called the analysis of the essay. To give your own ideas and reasons for the statements that is given by the past arbiters of the literature.

From here the essay writing starts. You make the outline of the topic and start writing the other parts of your essay.