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Student Essays: What Style to Use

When writing an essay, there are several writing styles that can be used. The style of the essay basically is what is affected with the style that is chosen, along with the length, the quotations that are used and whether a register is needed.

Take a look at some very important information about essay writing styles so that you can make your writing much easier.

The tone of your Essay

It is important to always maintain serious tone when writing your essay, unless it is a topic that accommodates jokes. Jokes and similar will greatly affect the quality of your essay. Ensure that your piece reflects only factual statements that can be proven and that you’re always taking it serious.

The style of your quotations is also important. Using several quotes is desirable, but do not go overboard. If you use too many the article quality could be at risk. Each section of the paper should use only a handful of quotes at a time. While you want to state facts in the essay you want it to be your thoughts written In the essay as much as possible.

Length of the Essay

As far as your paragraph length goes, the style that you choose is also something that matters. You always want to keep the paragraphs in close to length as you possibly can. A one-sentence paragraph is also something that you want to avoid.

In most cases the instructor who assigned you the essay to complete will also put you all of the instructions he wants for you to follow. This includes the style of the essay, too. Most of the time it is the AP writing style that is selected. There are other writing styles, however, so pay attention to the instruction.

More Essay writing Style facts

A few other facts about the general essay –it should be written in either 10 pt. or 12 pt. font (unless the instructions state otherwise) and written with Times New Roman or a similar font. Never use the pretty fonts. They are hard to read and make your paper less professional in demeanor.

The length of the paper is also important. It should be right around 2,000 words, unless otherwise specified. Make sure that you save your work if you are doing it on computer, and always have a copy of the paper available in case of an accident.