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Can a narrative essay example help you with your writing?

With all the talk these days of essay examples and essay samples it can be rather confusing to know just what to do with them and how to use them to help you in writing your own essay. Are they really any use at all? How do you use them to get the most value out of them?

A narrative essay is usually built on a prompt that you are required to use. Sometimes you are given the option to choose your own topic. If a personal narrative essay is based on a course of events from your own life, how could an essay example help you?

Using essay examples to help you write

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of guidance. Here are some ways you can use that essay example to help you with your essay writing.

  • A good narrative essay example can be used to see how the formatting is done.
  • It could be used to spark ideas for a topic for your essay.
  • You could dissect it and figure out how the outline of the essay was done; this could be useful in formulating your own outline.
  • Analyze how the writer captured the attention of the reader. How could you write a captivating opening paragraph using this as an example?
  • Could you tell the essay writer did adequate research if applicable? Was it presented in a convincing manner?
  • Is the flow of the essay smooth and logical? Why or why not? How can you use this example to make your essay flow better?
  • Does the example essay hold the reader’s attention or does it become boring and thin? How can you make sure your words hold your reader captive until the very end?

Was the example essay well edited and free from grammatical or punctuation errors? This is a step many essay writers skip over, to their loss. When there are no errors, the reader can concentrate on the theme of the essay. However, when the essay is rife with errors, it sounds very clumsy and takes the reader’s attention off of the main points.

Quality essay examples that earned high grades can be very useful to the novice essay writer. Even a great writer could find some benefit in reading someone else’s work and getting ideas from other writers who have done great narrative essays.