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Essay Services Do Not Guarantee a Good Grade

If you are using essay writing services in order to save yourself time, help complete your assignments by a deadline, or even to learn to improve your own writing, they can be immensely helpful. However, some students try to use essay writing services to get straight A’s, and this is unrealistic.

Essay Writing services and Grades

Few writing services guarantee anything at all in the way of grades, and for good reason. Even if the assignment is completed, from an objective point of view, perfectly, instructors that grade assignments are rarely completely objective. For one thing, they may have their own personal grading method which the essay service writer has no way of anticipating. They may also have pet peeves that normally wouldn’t result in missed points, but again, the essay service write has no way of knowing about them.

Another issue with the objectivity (or lack thereof) of instructors is their relationship with the student who is turning in the essay. If they suspect but can’t prove that the student is using a writing service, they may deduct points for other superficial reasons. Essay writing services can’t predict that, or prevent it.

What Essay Services Can and Should Guarantee

Essay writing services should be able to guarantee completion of the essay by the assigned deadline. They should meet all formatting and citation requirements. They should have perfect spelling and grammar, and should revise those things free of charge if there is some issue with any of them.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t seek out a service that’s more likely to earn you a good grade or not. However, be realistic about what even the best service can accomplish. Keep in mind your instructor has the last say on the grade.

What You Can Do to Get Better Grades With Essay Services

Send the essay service the exact assignment instructions, word for word. List any and all of your instructor’s personal preferences, pet peeves, or anything else that seems to affect their grading. Read over the essay when you receive it. If there are words, phrases, or sections that “sound like someone else” that you think your professor would be suspicious of, rewrite them yourself. Read the essay and make sure you know what it says, in case your professor asks you for clarification about any of its content so that you appear to be the one that wrote it.