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List Of Interesting Persuasive Evaluation Essay Topics

A persuasive evaluation essay is intended for the writer to completely explore a particular topic, issue or item, and formulate a convincing conclusion based on facts. As in any form of assay, it is necessary to captivate the reader’s attention and also have them understand your point of view. When they have finished reading your essay the reader must at least understand the topic better, even if they don’t share your point of view. Here are 15 interesting persuasive essay titles for your consideration:

  1. Homosexuals generally contribute more to the communities in which they reside than straight people living in the same areas do.
  2. The use of prescription and over the counter drugs by humans affects the wildlife of aquatic habitats in our environments more than we know.
  3. Fossil fuel based machinery are not needed in society since we can function just as well using more naturalized, less environmentally harmful means.
  4. The moon landing was a hoax constructed by a government with the intent of appearing more technologically advanced than other nations at the time.
  5. The cuteness of koala bears is well worth the large amounts of money spent on its protection and rehabilitation efforts.
  6. Talent in any particular skill is not hereditary which means that each and every individual has the ability to become exceptional at any thing they choose.
  7. Men with balding hair spots or prematurely gray hair are more attractive to mature women than they are to young women.
  8. The widespread use of computers and smart hand held devices has drastically affected the way we interact with each other in a negative manner.
  9. On sunny days school classes should be held outdoors since sunlight and fresh air are good for both plants and animals.
  10. Music as a method of educating should be included in the school curriculum to aid those with learning disabilities.
  11. We do not consume as many foods as we can because of influence by large corporations seeking to promote their own particular products.
  12. Music is losing its place as a form of art because of the ability to mass produce songs using algorithms and computers.
  13. Young children should be allowed to create nation affecting laws since their youth allows them to view situations with less bias than adults can manage.
  14. The duty of upholding all the laws and teachings that religions profess to have should be enforced upon these groups by their governments.
  15. Painkillers are not a cure and their use by the general public should be outlawed.

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