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Creating a research paper: body paragraphs are not so important

There are different parts that make up a good research paper. There is the introduction, in some cases, the abstract, the conclusion and the body paragraphs. While all parts of the paper are important and provide the support for the claim being made in the paper, it is easy to claim it is the least important part of the paper.

Beginning and end

The thesis statement and introduction sets the tone and focus for the whole paper. The introduction also gives readers the first impression and explains what the paper will prove and the opinion of the author. The reader can use the thesis and introduction to decide if this paper seems like something they can use or if they desire to continue reading.

The Abstract

The abstract is very similar in this way. The abstract explains the whole paper in short brief statements for the purpose of letting the reader know what the paper is about. This allows the reader to make the choice of reading the paper or not based on this first impression. It is important as the abstract grabs the readers attention to encourages them to keep reading the body of the paper for the support of the claim and argument being made.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is also essential as it sums up the results and the claim again and gives a brief explanation of what happened in the paper. It also recites some evidence again.

The body is still important

The body paragraph fills in what could not be by the introduction and conclusion. It details the claim made and also shows the research and evidence. While this is important, this is not the first impression and the other parts of the paper also explain the claim and evidence. For those interested in the paper or need the details or research presented, then all parts of the paper are equally necessary. If a reader just wanted the summation of the research and details, the introduction and abstract serve that purpose.

While all parts of a research paper are important for clean, polished, well written argument, one could argue the body paragraphs are the least important parts. While providing the details and explanation and proof, one could also get a summation to find out the results of the paper by reading the introduction and conclusion. This does not mean effort should not be made in the body paragraphs however, because without the details and proof and explanation, it is a weaker argument or claim.