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Beware of Free Essays Available Online

The idea that you should be able to get your essay written for free is an archaic one. There isn’t a writer online that would be willing to do such a big job for free, and the websites that do boast free essays are only able to offer them free because they’ve been written, handed in and graded by other students already. They aren’t original or custom to your situation. You have to watch out for these because if you stumble across a free essay that might work for your assignment, you could be looking at a free F for a grade!

If you really need something cheaper and faster than getting a custom essay written for you by a writing company, then you can always take a crappy free essay and change it up a bit. Keep reading for some tips on how to edit a bad rough draft (whether you or someone else wrote it) into a great essay.

  • First, read through the entire essay and correct anything that stands out to you initially.
  • Read through it again, this time paying close attention to each word for spelling and grammar. It’s a good idea to read backwards, one sentence at a time, so that you don’t overlook errors because of the flow of the context.
  • With another read through, identify anything that doesn’t follow the guidelines your teacher gave you for your particular essay and correct them. There’s nothing worse than handing in something that doesn’t even follow the most basic rules
  • And take one last read through for the language. If it’s too long, where can you cut some words? If it’s too short, add a more detailed description of something, or talk for a little longer on a part that doesn’t get enough attention.

When you risk using a free essay online, you can often be tagged for plagiarism and fail that assignment. Usually it’s a bad idea to use a free essay because of this, and also because the free essays are not written well most of the time. But if you want to try this, or you have no other option, then use the tips on this page to make it worth the risk. You don’t want to be in a worse position than when you started. With some careful editing, you can transform even the crappiest writing into a wonderful essay.