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Defining the context of your essay

Understanding what content goes into your essay depends on a number of factors. Even if you get to choose the topic you want to write about, how it gets written depends on elements such as resources used to collect data, guidelines presented by your instructor, and how effectively you use your time when writing.

Guidelines and Instructions Given

One important factor to think about includes guidelines and instructions. They often present important details about the assignment you should be sure to include in your writing. Not following through could cause you to lose points or less than perfect score. Sometimes it can give your paper a not so good impression of your writing skills, abilities and how well you follow direction.

Resources Needed for Data Collection

Some essays may not require research but it depends on information you need. Many essays require research to be completed to help you meet necessary requirements of the assignment. Some resources such as journal publications, government websites, and even other well written essays can provide good content for essay writing. You may need to take notes on which resources to use and how to collect data from them to incorporate. An outline may help you organize your findings to help structure your overall message of the content.

Type of Essay

The type of essay also plays a role in helping you define your content. There are various types of essays such as application, admission, argumentative, compare and contrast, analytical, personal, and many more. If helps to focus on the type of essay you are required to write, then seek samples of that specific essay to study and review. In this case, it helps you understand what content you need to include and how to present it.

Length and Time Required

The length of an essay may likely be around one page long, but some can be shorter or longer depending on what is required. To help you focus on what content to include it is important to stick to the word count or suggested length of the assignment. Not only does this show you can follow directions, but whatever point you want to make should be solid and specific to stay within the suggested length. Giving yourself a good amount of time to complete your content will also help in defining what you need for your paper. Time is important for editing, revising, and proofreading.