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Appalachian Culture

Almost everyone has heard of the Hatfields and McCoys, one of the greatest feuds, in the history of America. From the history of the Appalachian Culture, this was one of the more violent facets. But the Appalachian Culture, was a lot more diverse than just that feud. It encompassed; medicine, legends, communities, and a variety of different aspects, as in any culture. Some of these are well known and some are not.

  1. Miner Subculture
  2. Hunting Subculture
  3. Arts Subculture

Miner Subculture

Of all the industry in the Appalachian region, mining has to be one of the largest. This is because he range sites on top of one of the largest coal deposits in the world. It is an old industry, that has built a culture of generations of men and women. Families have devoted their lives in the mines; from the housewife, that tends the kids, and waits for her man to return safely. To the men and women that work deep in the mines, often two to three generations of them. Of all the fears these people have, their own Government is their greatest. In one area of Kentucky, jobs have dropped from 34,000 in 1980 to less than 8,000 in 2014. The handy work of their Government forcing the shutdown of these jobs.

Hunting Subculture

Hunting is a major activity, that has built such a culture, even schools and businesses shut down, for the first day of Buck season. It is a serious business and activity that is almost a religious experience. Hunting takes over the communities, in a way it is seldom seen in other places in the US. It is in all issues a culture, as it affects every aspect of life in this region. Then comes the duck season, and Turkey season, and every other season. Hunting seasons are in many ways more important to these people, than the yearly seasons.

Arts Subculture

Although this is one of the least talked about subcultures, it is also one of the oldest. Arts from writing, music, painting, and sculpting, have been staples in this area. Then Photography came in, and yes it moved to the artistic people of the Appalachian region as well. Some of well known artists from the region: Musicians- Roy Acuff, Bill Monroe, Artists- Matthew Harris Jouette, Paul Sawyier, Photographer- Moneta J. Sleet, Jr., Carol Guzy, sculpture- Enid Yandell, Alexander Calder, Writers- Joseph Herbert Bean, Margaret Agnew Blennerhassett. And the list of famous artists continues, in not only these art fields, but others as well.