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10 Unusual Topics for Academic Essays

As the title suggests, here are ten unusual topics you can choose from when writing your academic essay. If you don’t like any of the suggestions, remember that you can be creative and ask around friends and family to come up with unusual topics of your own, as well.

  1. If you were the main character of a movie, what would the movie be about?
  2. As in, would your movie about you be an action adventure, a thriller, a horror film, romantic comedy, drama, etc.? What other interesting characters would be in the movie, and what twist would there be to your synopsis to make it unique? Who knows, maybe after you write the essay you’ll end up writing (and selling) the movie script.

  3. Why High School Teachers are more useful than College Professors.
  4. To poke fun at the Professors who will be grading your essay. Some advice with one though is to know your Professor…is the man or woman grading this paper going to take it as a joke like you did?

  5. You have been elected President of the United States. What three things could you realistically do as President, why would we need those changes, and how would they affect the country?
  6. This should get you thinking about what really matters to you about your country. You may also want to include whether or not you think you would be a popular President.

  7. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
  8. Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week because…Dig into what has happened in your life and really why any day of the week is your favorite.

  9. Why pets are better than people.
  10. People may think you’re lonely, but it’s nonetheless be an interesting essay.

  11. What running into a Stranger taught you?
  12. Mom always said to never talk to strangers, but that doesn’t mean a random stranger you encountered can’t have a profound impact on your life.

  13. Why Kids are more responsible than Adults.
  14. You could probably come up with countless examples to support your argument.

  15. What you would have done differently at your High School senior prom, and how that would have affected the rest of your life.

    On second thought, maybe we don’t want to know…

  16. How having a ‘celebrity crush’ when you were younger impacted how you handle relationships today.

    Most of us have had, or still have, a celebrity crush. Open up about yourself to see if having a celebrity crush really has impacted how you handle your real relationships and crushes.

  17. One Hundred Years from Now…
  18. You’ll probably have to be realistic to get a good grade, but it doesn’t hurt to let your imagination fly. Where do you see the world a hundred years from now?