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Top 20 Argumentative Essay Topics For Students Who Want To Stand Out

Argumentative essays have got various flavors and it provides a good way for the students to impress their supervisor in a very creative manner. The supervisors too have a lot of space to evaluate the student on the basis of various factors. Things are much easier when you have the option of choosing a certain topic yourself. But, things get complicated if the topic is given by your supervisor to write. Your options are limited and you are required to produce quality content within the limits of the topic given. The main thing to consider here is just to stick with the basics of writing an argumentative essay. You have to argue on the topic with some logical reasoning and in the end you can present your own idea about the topic with respect to the arguments that you used in your essay. Make sure that your essay has a nice logical flow with good connection with the topic that you are writing on.

Top 20 Argumentative essays:

If you have the flexibility to choose your particular type of essay, then make sure that you select the one, which can be easily researched and has the ability to produce a lot of arguments.

The following is a list of 20 best argumentative essay topics that you can easily choose to write on:

  1. What is the logical reasoning behind global warming?
  2. Is the current electoral process neutral and fair?
  3. Is it OK to give capital sentence?
  4. Can torture in any form be accepted?
  5. Is domestic violence the most serious contemporary problem?
  6. Are the parents aware about the activities of their child on internet?
  7. Is the use of Smartphones dangerous?
  8. Are the current marketing strategies a bit disturbing for the people?
  9. Does the exam grades gives a clear indication about the skills of the students
  10. Should the marketers reach out children as well for the promotion of their products or services?
  11. Is dieting a good thing to do?
  12. Are gay/ lesbians getting their due rights?
  13. Are the CEOS overpaid?
  14. Should teenagers be literate to use condoms?
  15. Are preteens too much involved with technology?
  16. Is 18 the right age for dating?
  17. Is it right for a girl to ask out a boy for a date?
  18. Should parents encourage their children to compete?
  19. Does religion cause violence?
  20. Are boys too mean or girls?