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A Guide on How to Differ Essay Types

Did you know that there are more different essay types that you are probably aware of? In this article we will be exploring the different essay types that are commonly used. It will also be determined which are the most common attributes and uses of each respective essay. Keep in mind these different essay types in order to determine with type will be the most suitable for you on your next writing project.

Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays are pretty self explanatory by the name in itself. A descriptive essay focuses on details of a certain topic. Some details may be written about a variety of sensations that are best to be described, such as how something looks, smells, feels, tastes, or sounds. Think of the sensory details that you can describe for a certain topic. For instance, if writing about music, there are a lot of options in order to write about it descriptively. Do not be wary of being creative in your descriptive essay.

Compare and Contrast

In a compare and contrast essay, you will explore the similarities and differences between two subjects. You can approach the essay as if it is an unbiased discussion, which will explore each respective topic on their own basis with factual analysis. In addition, it can also be an entertaining piece, or be used as a way to expose the benefits or disadvantages of a topic. Depending on your needs, this is a type of essay that can be suitable for your desired essay.

Cause and Effect

A cause and effect essay explores events or experiences in regard to their relationship or conditions. Your essay can explore both cause and effects, or conversely separate the two- either you can explore causes of a certain situation, or explore only effects of a situation.

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is something that tells a story. It can be from your point of view, and is usually expressed with a controversial style or is also able to express a situation of a life changing event. You have artistic liberty when constructing a narrative essay. Make sure that explore each option that will be engaging for the reader and convey something truthful about your experience. There should be a point to your narrative essay, so just because it is from your point of view does not make it free of form. You should still be operating around a certain theme or objective that you want to share with the reader.

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