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How To Write A College Application Essay About Yourself

A college application essay is, obviously, one of the most important short pieces of writing that you will ever have to write. You may have decided, for any number of reasons, on a hit-list of colleges that you want to attend. Problem is, many other students will have their minds set on the same places. So, you need to stand out, to make the admissions tutor remember you. But, how can you do that? Follow these tips to ensure that you stand out in the crowd.

  • Academic You
  • The most essential aspect of your life, in relation to college application, is your academic ability, and your knowledge and love of the subject. Remember, your application will be read by academics, who want academic excellence, so make your focus your subject. This is often missing in personal application essays, because people fall into the trap of being too personal!

  • Committed and Passionate You
  • Demonstrate that you are committed and passionate about study. Sounds obvious, but try to talk, briefly, about the ways in which academia, school, college, inform your approach to life.

  • Self-Motivated You
  • College is not school, and the fundamental distinction is that in college you will be responsible for the time that you spend studying. If you can present a picture of yourself as independent and self-motivated, your application will stand out.

  • Previous Achievements
  • Try to distinguish yourself from your peers by talking about your unique experience, hopefully in your field, or in education in general. Bring the reader’s attention to any prizes or awards that you have won. Do not be arrogant, but demonstrate confidence.

  • Future Goals
  • Talk, briefly, about how you envisage your time at college being. Say that you intend to become involved in the faculty, in societies, and that you will, foremost, help to foster a sense of community in the college. Also, if you feel you may go on to further degrees, make this clear.

  • Hobbies

Dedicate one, and only one sentence to talking about hobbies and pastimes. You need to demonstrate that you are rounded, but not at the expense of the subject and your education.

There is a huge amount to do in a very short piece of writing that is an application essay. But, if you use the above as a guide, you can be sure that your essay will catch the attention of the admissions staff!