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How to Write a 500 Word Essay for College

Completing a 500 word college essay includes conducting research on the topic, gathering data and presenting your findings using a solid format structure. Having an outline created before completing the essay itself may help you understand where to present your information. Writing a rough draft before finalizing information is often encouraged to help simplify content through making edits and revisions. The following points can give a general idea on how to create your 500 word essay.

  • Make a list of reputable resources to use to gather data and conduct research. Take good notes that include valuable information you want to present in your essay.
  • Create your outline based on data collected from your research. Depending on the essay content and guidelines provided by your instructor, some students may have their outline created in advance before doing research. It can help in the process of collecting pertinent details needed to prove a point or provide evidence. You may need to come up with subheadings to help separate your data.
  • Prepare your thesis statement. If you have collected enough details about your topic, this should come together easier for you. This is main idea or point you want your readers to know. Your research should help backup this statement, which makes up the body of the essay.
  • Write your introduction paragraph. This may be based on general ideas inspired by your thesis statement. Your thesis may appear toward the end of this paragraph to help provide clarity on what readers can expect.
  • Use data gathered to complete your following paragraphs (likely 3). Also referred to as body paragraphs, each one will work to provide supporting information for your thesis. Try to present information in a logical manner. Use short paragraphs to create solid paragraph structure. Make sure to include pertinent information you want to include in the essay.
  • The last paragraph is known as the conclusion. You may want to restate your thesis here and other supporting statements that offer detailed information to make a point about your thesis.
  • Make sure to proofread your work and check for errors and proper word usage. Some students omit the concept of writing a draft, yet this can help you understand how to present you information. Plus, you may find certain details you want to omit or reword to provide better clarity for your readers.
  • If necessary, provide a citation page to show what sources you used to collect data from. Remember to check out strategies for essay writing that will help you write essay online and obtain some useful skills.